Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We have fixed a bug so that Contracted Rooms are now saved correctly when assigning room block member values.
After editing the Contracted Rooms, they will now appear under the 'Group' section of the Booking.
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To learn more about Contracted Rooms, click here!



Contacts and Accounts (CRM)

Contacts And Accounts Now Auto-populate When Creating Invoices

We have improved the process of creating Invoices. Previously you would have to search for the Primary Contact/ linked Account. They will now be the default.
We have resolved the issue where changes made to a Booking via merge fields on a Document were inadvertently updating the Booking Assignee. Now, updates to Booking information from a Document will no longer impact the Booking Assignee.
Customers with a Mews integration may notice a couple of additional features in their Organization! We're excited to unveil two powerful additions that have been available upon request or in specific scenarios until now, but are now accessible to all users:
Reservations - Add, link & view Mews Reservations in an Event Temple Booking. When using Group Sync, the Reservations are created as "pick-ups" against the synced "Availability Block" in Mews!
Sync Prepayment Invoices - Syncing prepayment invoices with Mews is entirely automatic once an admin user enables the setting for your integration. When a finalized prepayment invoice is paid, the invoice will automatically be synced with Mews.
Experience these enhancements firsthand and optimize your organizational workflow! If you have any questions please reach out to our friendly team.



Opera - Rate Sync

Users with an Opera Integration now have the option to select a synced rate when adding Groups! ​
Each day, we'll automatically sync Opera Rates to Event Temple. Admins can also manually trigger a sync in Settings > Integrations
When creating new Groups, the
Rate Plan
field is required.
: Existing groups synced with Opera have
assigned as their Rate Plan.
Interested in learning more about our Opera Integration? Check it out here or reach out to our friendly team via the in-app chat!
When trying to add additional Room Types to an existing Group with override rates,some users were getting the error "start_date must be a date and end_date must be a date". This issue has now been resolved. Please clear your cache in order to apply the fix.
When utilizing the Custom option in the Events/Spaces Document Element
Event Start Date
Event End Date
merge fields now include the year
We have fixed a bug where the availability displayed in Event Temple would be wrong if there was a manual adjustment made to a room type in Mews.
Instead of manually having to create an order to send to Mews, you can now set a time and the system will search for all DEFINITE Bookings and Events that ended the previous day and post them to Mews. image
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Bookings & Events

Event Improvements

We have made several design improvements in preparation for an upcoming feature release.
  • Event Type is moved to the top. This is to promote people to always set this field.
  • Event Start Date and End Date now by default use Booking’s start date event for multi-day bookings. This is to encourage users to follow best practices & set Events to be on a single day.
  • From the Booking Summary page, more relevant fields are shown as defaults: [‘ID’, ‘name’, ‘event_type’, ‘status’, ‘date’, ‘space’, ‘expected’, ‘guaranteed’]
    : if you have set your own preferences, they will not be affected.
  • The
    panel is removed. Payments should now be posted via the payments sub-tab in the Booking Summary
  • Revenue summary subtab shows slightly different information
  • A bug where two sets of dates were being shown when creating an Event is fixed
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